Boilbrew Coffee Brewer Cafetiere and Tea Maker Pot with Filter, 1-2 Cup/500ml

COFFEE & TEA: Unique and functional design for both coffee and tea making.
MANUAL BREWING: As you are taking part in the coffee/tea making, you are fully able to tweak your own personal recipe to your own liking and perfection.
 ISOLATING EFFECT: The Thickness of the glass and stainless steel filter with lid, isolate the brew, keeping it hot longer.
AROMA: The functional shape isolate the aroma of your brew, letting you enjoy the full experience of your quality raw materials.
SUSTAINABLE: No waste except the grounds/leaves themselves, which you can recycle as fertilizer for your plants, as a natural cleaning scrub, and much more.

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Boilbrew has a unique and functional design, suitable for both coffee and tea making. The manual brewing process let you tweak your own personal recipe to perfection, so you never have a bad cup of coffee or tea again! The thickness of the glass and stainless steel filter and lid isolate the coffee/tea, which keep your brew hot for surprisingly long. Forgot you made the coffee or tea? No problem, it is still warm! The shape isolate the aroma of your brew, letting you enjoy the full experience of your quality coffee beans and tea leaves. No waste except the coffee grounds or tea leaves, which you can use as fertilizer for your plants, natural cleaning scrub, or any other creative uses for used coffee grounds or tea leaves you come across!

Happy customers around the world
United Kingdom is our main market and base for now, however, we’ve had the pleasure to supply happy customers from the US, Canada, the Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Czech Republic, Russia, Greece, Turkey, Egypt, Japan, and Australia! This is amazing! Thank you to all our happy customers helping us make Boilbrew a reality!

How to use Boilbrew:
Step 1: Add coffee or tea
Step 2: Add hot water
Step 3: Add filter & lid
Step 4: Let it brew for 4-8 minutes, serve, and enjoy!

Boilbrew Method
Inspired by Norwegian Steeped Coffee and French Press Filter Brewing

The Boilbrew has a stainless steel fine-mesh filter and lid, measuring spoon/scoop, cleaning brush, and a cotton pouch/bag for safe storing and carrying. Unique innovative brewing design, perfect for coffee, tea and cold brew. Suitable for leaving in the fridge over long periods of time, for a rich, smooth and pure cold brew. Easy and simple to use. Practical manual brewing tool for a delicious coffee, tea or cold brew. Use your favourite coffee grounds, tea leaves, water ratio, brewing time and mixing technique, to always get the perfect cup of coffee or tea, exactly as you like it!

✔️High quality, for long life and safe use!
Made from lead-free and BPA-free Borosilicate 3.3 glassware for ultra-high durability and toughness, with a custom made silicone grip for simple, easy, and comfortable handling. Glass quality combined with the curved shape of the brewing flask, makes it among the most shock resistant, thermal resistant, and safe glassware coffee makers on the market.

✔️Hand wash or dishwasher
After use, add some water into the Boilbrew, give it a shake, and empty the grounds into a recycling container, before rinsing it with hot water or safely put the Boilbrew into the dishwasher. Use the cleaning brush that comes with the Boilbrew for any stains, by forming the cleaning brush to reach the inside of the flask.

Weight 500 g
Dimensions 120 × 120 × 180 mm
Flask Material

Borosilicate 3.3 Glass

Grip Material


Filter Material

Stainless Steel

Heat Resistant


Heat Insulation


Dishwasher safe





1 to 2 cups per brew