Boilbrew Mindset: We are all walking the path we believe will lead to the best destination in life. I don’t know where my path is leading, but I do enjoy the walk.

As many products, they started as an idea on how to solve a problem, and where better to work on the first prototype then in your parents garage? At this point, I didn’t know the name, design, features, material, or even how to go about to actually create a product. This was back in 2016, however, this journey didn’t really start until two years later in 2018, since I was sidetracked. Start a Master in Countering Organised Crime and Terrorism in London, so the abstract idea was stored away, but not forgotten.

We can plan out our path in detail, have everything mapped out, but where we end up might be difficult to accurately predict. After finishing my studies, I started working in London and life was good. Nevertheless, I felt there was something missing, I wanted more, I wanted to be directly in charge and responsible for my own path we call life. Throughout my studies and employment, I found myself dreaming about “what if” I would have taken the coffee & tea maker path instead? No point in dwelling on the past, so I started looking into it, which is when this journey is about to get some traction.

Looking for Opportunities

I was doing research, and buying seemingly random stuff from supermarkets, hardware stores, sports stores, Amazon UK, and other places to use as parts in my own amazing prototype. It’s a strange feeling, to buy something you don’t know if you need or not, and the first thing you do is to destroy it and try to tape something new together again. I did have an image of what such process would look like, but trust me, none of my so-called “prototypes” gave any of my friends confidence in my inventor abilities, nor my sanity for that matter.

During these days, I was working at my normal day job in London, and at nights, I was buying and destroying random things in hope of creating something new and amazing. Eventually I was starting to spend more and more time on, a business-to-business (B2B) platform with manufacturers of everything, and it didn’t take too long before I had different parts delivered to my house.

Committing to my Idea

Now it’s late 2018, and I’m approaching a cross road. Should I stay the course of my education and build a carrier, or jump ship and build and sell coffee and tea makers? Applying a decision making process based on logic and reason didn’t really argue for selling coffee and tea makers. However, for some reason it felt like the right choice. Worst-Best Case Scenario Analysis was useful, as long as I was able to evaluate what’s truly valuable for me in life. When realising the path should be the goal, and not care too much about the illusion of potential outcome or destination, the choice was easy.

With limited resources, I took a Lean Startup approach, which is to focus on the core features and essentials (the Boilbrew), and not spend too much time and resources on things that isn’t highly essential (such as a well design cardboard box). We are now approaching the end of January 2019, all parts has arrived, and I was taking out vacation from my day job, to assemble, label, pack and ship my new coffee and tea maker, Boilbrew! By February 2019, Boilbrew was a reality, selling on both and

The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. The second best time is today.

Chinese Proverb

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